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December 2007


Young Family Website, Online Scrapbook, and other fun things

Hi!  We’re the Young Family!  Troy and I were both born in Tucson, Arizona where we grew up, got married and lived close to both our families till  we moved to Utah 8 years ago .  Troy works for AdvancedMD and loves it.  I stay at home with our children and love my job too.  :)  I was just called to  serve as 2nd counselor in the Primary Presidency but before that I was a Primary secretary.  I LOVE Primary!  Troy is the Sunday School President.

We live in Utah (between Salt Lake City and Provo) where we have 4 full beautiful seasons to enjoy.   Our extended families are all still in southern AZ so we travel there a couple times a year to visit.

We hope you enjoy our website about our family.  For more family pages, visit the addresses below: maintained by Troy the genius. for awesome vacation rental sites that Karen’s parents own and manage for family reunions.  “Elk Ridge Lodge” in Bear Lake, Idaho is our personal favorite!

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