Marla’s Quilt

My cousin Marla and I made this quilt in only 5 hours!   (I also taught Marla how to make homemade strawberry jam that day too.)  It’s a small quilt, but perfect for soccer games. We just used a bunch of leftover fabrics and batting I had and made it.  We cut, sewed, tied and finished the quilt all in 5 hours and then signed our names and date on the back.

Sheena’s Memory Quilt

Marla and I made this for our cousin Sheena one Christmas.  It was really fun working on it together.  There were pictures of us growing up all around it and one McCown family group picture.  We traced our hands on the corners and on the border wrote, “Families are like quilts, lives pieced together, stitched with memories, and bound with love.”  We used smaller pictures so that saved us quite a bit on cost and we also used leftover fabrics I already had.

This one I did for Nana’s 90th Birthday Party.  Her Alzheimer's was just starting and we wanted a way for her to remember us all on a daily basis. My baby, Emma was a newborn so it was a little difficult finding time to make it but it was all worth it when I saw the look on Nana’s face when we presented it to her.  This photo was taken October 22, 2002 right before it was bound and finished.  I wish I had taken a picture of it with Nana but I had to hold Emma most of the time at the party.

Nana’s Memory Quilt

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It’s finally done!  I wanted to put pictures of ancestors in too but it would have been lopsided and I wanted to try and keep it organized and simple.  It has 7 generations. On each leaf is the ancestor’s name, birthplace & date and death/burial place and date.  It’s been fun trying to find the info and along the way I read some of their histories and am amazed by their life stories.  I started by using the website  I used very little fabric (1 yd of blue), no batting, just backed it with a fabric from a sheet.  The iron-on transfer paper was the most expensive part.  Very fun!

Family Tree Quilt

Young Family Fun Pages

Here are some of the quilts I have done over the years that are special to me.  I’m not a professional by any means, I just like to quilt every now and then.  Right now I’m making denim quilts for my two older boys for Christmas.

A not-so-great Picture of a quilt I made for my Mom and Dad while I was attending college .  It looks much better in person.  I think I gave it to them as an  Anniversary gift.  It has satin bows for ties, lace for the hem.  The back is constructed with the same block design different pattern though.

I made this for my first daughter.  I had decorated it with Precious Moments prints that I had found and saved over the years.  It has a white with pink polka dots flannel print on the back and was tied with white sparkly yarn.  The odd size is due to the amount of border fabric I had bought a few years previously.

This is the very first Memory Quilt I did.  We held a little early birthday party for her at our family reunion and gave it to her.  She just loved it and said, “Now I can sleep with my husband” not really meaning it that way but it was too funny!  (She was a widow) 

I almost didn’t get it made in time and was just going to wait.  It was good we didn’t because the following year she was no longer with us. 

Baby quilt I made with the help of my mom the last few months of my pregnancy with Zachary, after we were sure it was a boy.  I had always wanted to do a gingham/solid quilt for my baby. 

McCown Quilt

Grandma Tyler’s Memory Quilt

Emma’s first quilt

Zachary’s first quilt


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