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June 2008 013.JPG June 2008 b 008.JPG

Jeremy turned 8 and for some reason Troy bought them ALL motor scooters.             A day in Provo – had to get our “Future Missionaries Photo”

June 2008 b 029.JPG

We found the secret garden at Thanksgiving Point Gardens                         Thanksgiving Point Museum has the largest dinosaur exhibit, and many other fun things

June 2008 b 092.JPG

We always have fun with we go to Bear Lake!   

Right—Sea World for the first time-Jeremy and Troy rode Atlantis 8 times that day so I don’t have any pictures of them.

July 2008 058.JPG

Young Family Reunion in Running Springs, CA. 

Jeremy got baptized in a pool by Daddy and confirmed by his Grandpa McCown.

Right picture— Nathan loves Pioneer Day.!

He got his shirt from Joe’s Crab Shack – we went there for Troy’s 40th B-day

August 2008 023.JPGAugust 2008 024.JPGAugust 2008 026.JPG


1. “Mommy made my vest- don’t I look adorable?”

2. Emma striking a pose in the dress and purse I sewed for her to match the wedding colors

3. My baby brother got married in the Denver temple and now I have another wonderful sister-in-law, Crystal!

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Zachary’s 10 yr old

picture in a new shirt



My princess Emma

5 year old photo

The Kids

December, in front of our new Christmas tree

Troy’s family

Young Family Reunion

at Bear Lake, Summer 2007

Karen’s Family

McCown Family


My baby brother’s wedding!

Wedding Day

Mesa Arizona Temple

March 1997


Cutest Couple

Work Christmas Party


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Isn’t he cute?  He’s smart too!  He married me didn’t he? LOL!

Jeremy’s 8 year old picture

in his favorite color shirt


Yeah, 18 sure was a fun time!  I’ll let you know when I find the fountain of youth


My baby is one year old already!

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